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Serving God By Serving Others


Service Schedule


9am + 11am



Altar Service

1st + 3rd Sundays


See you at the altar!

1st & 3rd Sundays at 6 PM

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Stay Close To Jesus,
No Matter Where You Are

The Church is not confined to the building. As part of the Body of Christ, Jesus is with you always, wherever you go! We are grateful to everyone who chooses to worship with us in our weekly services and we invite you to join us each week for new messages that can deeply impact your daily walk with the Lord. Learn more about us using the button below!

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Check out our weekly worship services right here on our website!

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Plan a visit to our main location in Clarks Green, PA!

Prayer Requests

Use the button below to submit prayer requests to our Prayer Team so they can pray for you.

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